Visa procedure
Single-Domain Antibodies 2023
September 18-20, 2023
CIS auditorium, Institut Pasteur
For administrative reasons, all researchers (EU members exluded) who need a professionnal visa to attend this conference that any request of pre-registration certificate (or invitation letter) should be done 1 month before the conference at the latest.More information for fetting a visa


We advise you to check as soon as possible with the French consular services in your country to know the list of documents required and the waiting period to obtain your visa (variable from one country to another).

Please note that the visa of French embassies and consulates are generally by appointment.

In case of refusal of visas by the French authorities, the Institut Pasteur will not be held responsible if you are requested to cancel your participation to the conference.






Institut Pasteur Internal modality


  Please register first    Online registration

To be in accordance with the French law concerning the visa application, please email to the following documents:

  1. A letter of affiliation (headed-notepaper) or professional card
  2. A copy of your passport

We will send you the certificate of pre-registration (or letter of invitation) by 72 hours upon reception of all the requested documents above (week-end and legal holidays excluded)  E-mail (certified PDF document with legal electronic signature) and by regular mail.

We wish to inform you that your file and personal data can be forwarded to the French consular services upon their request only.

PS : Our offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and on bank holidays.


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