Single-Domain Antibodies 2023
September 18-20, 2023
CIS auditorium, Institut Pasteur


Opening: Monday, September 18, 2023 from 8.30 am

Closing: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 to 12.00 am



General presentation

Analysis of the single-domain antibody pipeline

Elsa Kress
MabDesign, France

Single domain Antibody engineering and structure

Nanobody discovery from LaMice - llama IgH-transgenic mice

Friedrich Koch-Nolte
University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Machine learning approaches to build better synthetic nanobody libraries

Aashish Manglik
U California, San Francisco CA, United States

Single domain Antibody in neurobiology

Use of Tau-specific Single domain antibodies to inhibit Tau aggregation nucleation and seeding in neurodegenerative diseases

Isabelle Landrieu
CNRS, Lille, France

Single domain antibodies as novel therapeutic agents for brain diseases

Philippe Rondard
CNRS-U Montpellier, Montpellier, France

AAV-based delivery of anti-BACE1 VHH alleviates pathology in an Alzheimer D mouse model

Matthew Holt
i3S, University of Porto, Portugal

Development and diverse uses of nanobodies for brain research

James Trimmer
U California Davis, CA, United States


Single domain Antibody in diagnostics, imaging, biological process & clinics

Conformational sensitive, nanobody-based biosensors to detect GPCR activity in living cells

Roshanak Irannejad
U California, San Francisco CA, United States

Tackling SARS-Coronaviruses with single-domain antibodies

Xavier Saelens
VIB-UGent, Belgium

VHHs in targeted photodynamic therapy and beyond

Sabrina Santos Oliveira
Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

A Pipeline for Production of Nanobody Repertoires with Diagnostic and Therapeutic Potential

Michael P. Rout
Rockfeller University, New York, United States

Using competitive, connective, and allosteric Nanobodies to study the interactions between SOS1 and RAS

Jan Steyaert
VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology, Belgium

Single domain radionuclide imaging and therapy

Tony Lahoutte
VUB, Brussels, Belgium


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